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Using Street Image Compare you can compare, for the same place, Google Street View and Mapillary images (if there are available … ) and to move on them having, as map context, both Google Map and OpenStreetMap. Here you're a user session video ...

The user can select (at top right in this page ...), the place in three different ways:
  • typing the place name
  • typing an address
  • typing a coordinates couple

The application use Google Maps geocoder as geocoding engine.
When you have the web page with the two maps, Google Street View and Mapillary, you can navigate on the images using the little arrows on them: on the maps you'll see a marker that show your current position.

It also possible, on both maps and using the right button, to click on a point to locate on it directly.

References: created by Cesare Gerbino ( Click here for details. The code is available on GitHub under MIT license